The MC Professionals (MC Pros) is a business networking club that was founded by Pat Brandt, Nela Gilbert, Richard Martin and Gary Valmain on May 3, 2011, and has been thriving ever since. The club was formed because the local business community was looking for an inexpensive vehicle by which to gain new clients and boost their bottom lines. The MC Pros is that inexpensive vehicle that provides the opportunity for the local business community to come together and share resourGroup Discussionces. This additional marketing method has proven to be a great success in finding new customers and improving members' sales volumes.

Banding together into groups and building relationships with other business owners and account executives allows the exchange of quality leads, and everyone becomes a winner. The business owner gets more clients, the account executive gets more commissions, and the customer gets a company and an account executive that can be relied on and trusted.

As our club grows, more diverse businesses will be represented, which will increase the value of a membership. Over the past years, attendance at the MC Pros members' weekly lunch has averaged between 30 to 40 members, plus 2 to 4 first-time visitors.   

This networking club is open to any business owner or professional account executive who does business in Montgomery County, Texas.

While some networking groups have a bevy of rules, regulations, and expenses, the MC Pros has very few of those types of requirements.

Our club thrives on the basis of:

  • Low membership fee: The MC Pros membership fee is only $50.00 per year, which includes a personal webpage on the MC Pros' website.
  • Optional lunch: For those who do not care to eat, we have an arrangement with the management that you are not required to purchase a lunch to attend our meetings.
  • No Lead Requirements: We count our "leads given, leads received and leads closed" by a show of hands at each lunch meeting. There are no forms to fill out and no embarrassment. 
  • No Club Officers: We have a Leadership Team that guides our club to provide the best-quality networking experience possible.
  • No Industry Exclusions: We all work together to provide an environment of cooperation for the betterment of each other and the club.
  • No mandatory attendance: This eliminates the possibility of losing members since they are not required to attend every meeting. Members come as often as they can without a penalty. 

The only requirements to become a member is to pay the $50.00 annual membership fee and acknowledge and abide by our club's Code of Ethics.